Espresso made with the heart

All our coffees are the result of precise and passionate research. We select the best coffees and process them according to the Italian tradition of artisanal coffee roasting. Our espresso is our priority and you can taste it in every cup!

The company’s philosophy

  • We are present in 45 countries worldwide

    Coffee from the Torrefazione Gian Luca Venturelli is known and appreciated all around the world through the Lucaffè brand.

  • Eco-friendly firm

    "We rouse consciences… with our coffee". We are an eco-sensitive company: we believe in respect for the environment and in sustainable development.

  • True coffee lovers

    Coffee is a serious thing for us. We work with passion for all those who love the taste, aroma and tradition of good coffee.

Discover all our products

We are always available to answer your questions on the world of Lucaffè! Contact us!

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