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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which the website sends to the user’s computer (normally the browser), where they are memorized and re-sent to the site on the user’s next visit. A cookie cannot read data from the user’s hard disk, carry viruses or access email addresses. Each cookie is unique to the user’s browser. Some of the cookies may be operated by third parties. By the term ‘cookie’, this document refers to both pure cookies and all similar technologies.

Classification of cookies

Cookies can be both first and third party. First party cookies come from the same domain as the site you are viewing, while third party cookies originate from another site. Third party cookies are installed by a different domain, defined as “third party” and are not managed by our site. These parties may install first-party cookies by saving their own cookies on the site domain. Another type of cookie is known as “Flash Cookie” (Local Shared Objects), used by Adobe Flash Player to deliver video clips or animated content and to store settings and preferences. Flash cookies are stored on your device but are managed through an interface (i.e. language, products selected for purchase) and are used to improve services. User consent is not required for these cookies.

Type of cookies

There are several types of cookies: 

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are used for the sole purposes of “carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or as strictly necessary for the provider of an information company explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide this service “(see art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Privacy Code). 
They are not used for other purposes, and are normally installed directly by the owner or operator of the website. The can be divided into the following categories: 

  • Session, or strictly necessary, cookies, which enable the user to navigate and use a website (e.g. to make online purchases, or to verify your identity when logging into a reserved area). They are essential for the site to function; 
  • Analytics cookies, which are classified as technical cookies and are used by the site operator to compile aggregate information on how many visitors the website receives and how they navigate around the site. These cookies are used to improve site performance; 
  • Functional cookies, which allow the user to browse the site according to a series of selected criteria (i.e. language, products selected for purchase) and are used to improve services. User consent is not required for these cookies.

Targeting Cookies

Targeting cookies create user profiles and are used to send advertising messages tailored to the browsing preferences of the user. 

Lifespan of cookies

Cookies have a fixed lifespan, which is either a set period of time or a single session, which expires when the browser is shut down. The lifespan is set when the cookie is installed.

Cookies can be: 

  • Temporary, or session cookies. These are used to store temporary information, and allow the website to link the actions of the user during a browsing session. They are removed from the computer when the browser is closed. 
  • Permanent, or persistent cookies. These are used to store information, for example username and password, so that the user  does not have to enter this information every time they visit a site. These cookies remain on the device after the browsing session has ended. 

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