The culture of quality Made in Italy

An offer of multi-national products, with the quality of Italian artisanal roasting.
At Lucaffè, tradition meets passion.

Quality and harmony

Quality is a serious thing for us. We personally check every stage in the production and nothing is left to chance. One of the qualities of coffee is to create a good mood: that’s why our motto is "quality and harmony"! We would like every sip to give you a smile, like the Lucaffé symbol which is a symbol of professionality and good mood.


Ease of use and product marketing support has made Lucaffé pods particularly popular abroad. Ever more new “Lucafféterias” and “Lucaffé coffee shops” are opening in different countries. They are businesses managed with enthusiasm and satisfaction by people who know they are offering a quality product. Currently, you can find Lucaffé in more than 45 countries.

All our coffees are the result of precise and passionate research. We select the best coffees and process them according to the Italian tradition of artisanal coffee roasting. We care greatly about our espresso. And you can taste it in every cup!

Eco-sensitive company

We rouse consciences with our coffee. We are an eco-sensitive company: we believe in respect for the environment and in sustainable development.

We are always available to answer your questions on the world of Lucaffè! Contact us!

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