Buying and selecting coffee is handled personally by our manager, Gian Luca Venturelli, who also tastes all the samples that are delivered to our company himself. Moreover, he often goes abroad to visit plantations and producers.


We take the greatest care in every phase of the transport, directly: from the harvesting of raw materials, to its arrival in our establishments. Some varieties, like the precious Jamaica Blue Mountain, travel in small wooden barrels to preserve their unmistakable aroma.


Every variety of coffee is blended in very precise proportions. Our blends are the fruit of years of passionate research by Mr Venturelli, and we offer them in various different types to satisfy everyone’s individual taste. Besides our blends, we also offer some particularly prestigious mono-origin coffees (for example, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee).


We process our coffees is the same artisanal way: a gentle roasting that caresses the coffee. We obtain a very high quality product which is also very healthy. The essential oils and aromas are preserved and the beans are well developed and fragrant, with very little residual humidity and a limited caffeine content.


Grinding is a delicate phase with the greatest importance for the final result. We grind coffee with the best grinders ever produced. We grind the coffee in total absence of oxygen and at low temperatures, gently and delicately to preserve all the properties of the beans.


We are particularly careful about packaging our coffees, both those in pods and those in beans or ground, in order to preserve their aromas for a long time. Packaging is carried out in a protected environment with nitrogen inlets to eliminate oxygen and counteract oxidation. In this way, the aromas are preserved and the final beverage can always boast an enviable cream. The use of paper pods in particular, always guarantees the success of a state of the art Italian espresso, even if prepared by non-expert hands many kilometres away from the company.

We are always available to answer your questions on the world of Lucaffè! Contact us!

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